Maren Merian

About Maren

Maren Merian, lindy hop enthusiast and solo jazz fanatic, has been doing the swing dance thing since 2014. While she experimented with other dance forms before that, nothing could win her heart quite like the spirit of jazz music. Maren could spend hours doing deep dives into the endless possibilities of connecting with your partner. And when she is not head over heels involved in some kick ass Lindy Hop stuff, she is working on her solo dancing or choreographing for her local chorus line – The Darling Delilahs.
Maren has travelled across Europe and the US to learn, teach and compete and has collected several trophies along the way.
As a performer Maren understands the importance of training, as a social dancer she values fun and foolery, and as a psychologist she brings a well thought out structure to her classes.

Marens true passion is social dancing, so if you see her on the dance floor, ask her to dance!

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